Economy Garage Plans By Behm Design

Economy Garage Plans by Behm Design are designed as economical space - nothing fancy or complex. Build a cheap garage. For garages less than 20 ft. wide (span), dimensional lumber is used as rafters and ceiling joists. For garage widths greater than 20 ft. simple manufactured roof trusses are specified, as they are usually the most economical choice for the roof structure. Walls are framed with 2 x 4 @ 24" o.c.and sheathed with panel siding of textured o.s.b. or T1-11 plywood, which is most economical and satisfies braced wall requirements in the building codes. Minimal eaves and abbreviated gable overhangs simplify and reduce building cost. Foundation options include thickened edge, monolithic poured slab and continuous stemwall on footing.

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